Spring Break Eve

So, as happens every year, we have struggled through the shortest, coldest and darkest days of the year, and are about to be set free for two glorious weeks! Counting down the months, weeks, days and hours (18 minutes!) to Spring Break is a ritual that students and teachers all engage in. There is a price for living north of the 45th parallel, and that is such a craving for sun, and green and warmth and life that we must bust out of the routine to seek something resembling any of those qualities. Often, I’ve remained in my own zip code and been very happy to laze around sipping coffee and reading what I want. This year I’m actually going someplace warmer… to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Florida. I’m taking my folding bike, and I can’t wait to walk outside without a jacket, gloves or heavy boots.

I’ve ridden my bike to school most days of the winter. I think riding my bike helps bridge the winter with the warmer times of the year. Although I didn’t get much exposure to sunlight, often riding in the dark both to and from school, I did get to breathe gulps of fresh air. I was keenly aware of the few living things that were making themselves known in the wild winter–the squirrels, the crows, the rabbits darting in front of my tires. But mostly, it was very, VERY quiet.

What rituals do you participate in? Does a Spring Break figure into your calendar? Who wants it more… students or teachers?



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